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Sound has the power to motivate and dictate, transfer and infer, express and extract every type of emotion. Without it, life would be desolate. 

Sound alone enables us to predict size, tell distance and define width. It is a 3-dimensional experience that plucks you from reality and allows you to become lost in your own imagination.

From designing a synthesizer preset and generating a melody to sculpting an entire soundscape and mastering the final production, sound is a complex yet universal language that is understood by all, loved by many and mastered by some. 

Sonic Texture provides the very best in audio post production, sound design, digital music production and audio editing.

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Brand Owner

Since his early exploration of digital audio back in 2007, Jason developed a basic understanding of sequencing rhythms and instrumentation. Music as an art form sparked his ambition to pursue a career in the audio industry. The introduction of digital synthesis and signal processing started Jason’s earliest quest for uniqueness and originality. To be able to completely control sound became his primary mission. By 2014, Jason publically released several music collaboration projects, podcasts and online mixes; he began live performance DJing as an inherent hobby of music production. As his passion for sound grew ever-stronger, Jason applied to Trebas Institute in Toronto. Here, he completed a 1 year Audio Engineering and DJ Arts program earning the ‘Studio 306 Audio Engineering Award’ upon graduation. During his time at Trebas, Jason worked alongside leading professionals within the industry at some of Toronto’s paramount studios such as Studio 306 and Iguana Studios. Jason had a primary vision of becoming a professional music artist but it wasn’t until his journey at Trebas that he accumulated knowledge about many aspects of the audio industry such as audio post production, room acoustics, music business, recording, analog consoles and much more. This plethora of information set Jason up to be a multi-faceted audio engineer and fed his expanding love for sound and creation. In 2018, Jason became an instructor at Off Centre DJ School in Toronto where he teaches digital music production with Ableton Live to students of all calibers. Between his work at the school, Jason completes a variety of projects using his evolving spectrum of knowledge and techniques. These projects include mixing/mastering film and music, sound design for animation, sound effects for games and entertainment, online tutorials and one on one production sessions. For Jason, the varying demands of digital technology allow him to challenge himself and curate a proficient workflow for every type of project he is faced with. Jason persistently strives for quality sound through the integration of digital tools and his articulate creativeness.

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