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See breakdown below.

Audio Editing Services: Bio
Microphone Sound Editing


Sound: dialogue enhancement and clean-up, transitions and blending, layering, noise removal, dynamic control and equalization.

Project: film/tv, animation, podcasts, video/tutorial, vlogs and audio books.

Audio Editing Services: Bio


Sound Waves

Dialogue Enhancement and Clean-up

Basic post processing methods can greatly increase clarity in a poorly recorded piece of audio. For podcasts, online videos or vlogs, a clear and articulate vocal is paramount.

Music Amplifier Repair

Basic Dynamic Control and Balancing

Often, all a piece of dialogue needs is some basic equalization and compression. Vocal articulation becomes clearer, increasing overall loudness preventing masking between other layering sounds.

Mixing Console

Transitions: Blending and Layering

Cuts between audio can become quite abrupt without the correct use of volume crossfades and transition techniques. Layering dialogue and music requires sidechain processing for optimal clarity.

Audio Editing Services: News
Audio Editing Services: Music
Audio Editing Services: Music
Audio Editing Services: Music
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