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Vocals - Equipment

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Microphone – there are 2 common microphone designs used in audio. The dynamic microphone and the condenser microphone. The Dynamic microphone is very robust, cheap to operate and is not so sensitive to extremely loud sounds making is great for live performance or recording rock music. The condenser microphone is highly sensitive to articulation and low amplitude sound, it requires phantom power and steady handling. These microphones are used for detail work such as recording foley effects, ambience, vocals or detailed textures.

Choosing the best microphone for the task will greatly benefit post processing. Think of a microphone recording as your sample selection, good sound starts at the source.

Audio Interface – also known as a sound card or audio converter. A 2 in/2 out audio interface means, 2 inputs for microphones, guitars or other instruments and 2 outputs for the left and the right monitors. This device converts analog signal into a binary language that DAW’s can compute into digital signal. This signal is processed, digitally, then sent back to the audio interface where it converts the binary code back into electrical signals where the cone of the monitors respond

Monitors – whether you are using headphones or studio monitors to listen to your sounds, be sure to understand the translation between one system to another to ensure the best representation of the sound.


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